Gangways, Ramps & Boat Lifts

Gangways, Ramps and Boat Lifts

Gangways and ramps are a key component and often integral part of any dock system.  They can be designed specifically to meet the needs of the boat dock owner.  A traditional aluminum structure that minimizes maintenance and weight is just one of the many options available for gangways and ramps.

We install quality aluminum or wood gangways, bridges, and ramps as access to floating dock systems or other structures. We take special care to use the same grating as the dock and float surfaces so the ramps are uniform in appearance, and they can be constructed with or without handrails.

When used as access to a floating dock system, movement is present between the ramp and the floating dock, and these contact points can quickly show signs of wear and cause dock surface damage.  At Bayside we pay special attention to these transitions and use a superior roller system – durable polyurethane rollers which rest on the dock allowing for independent movement that is quiet and non-abrasive. Bayside also uses a hinge point system to ensue longevity and undue premature ware.

Boat lifts offer a way to store your boat at your dock on a lift rather than in the water.  There are many boat lifts to choose from and we can steer you toward choices that offer superior quality, and demonstrated performance and durability.  We can also assist you in deciding which lift best suits your needs, and install the lift for you.