Pile Driving

Marine Pile Driving Service

At Bayside Construction we know that the foundation of any marine structure is critical and the most important part of constructing a solid quality product. Our custom designed pile driving barge was built to have the most accurate piling placement possible. This, combined with our years of experience and expert workmanship are why we are confident that our pile driving is second to none – accurate and straight.

Our pile drivers are mobile and we can go anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. With any of our mobile pile driving rigs, we can drive in, step-up and be ready to get started within an hour. We have a variety of pile drivers that are appropriate for various applications.  We maintain operational rigs in Eastern Washington as well as on the West Coast which allows us to respond promptly to our clients needs.

The preferred type of replacement pilings in today’s environmental climate are steel pilings.  In most cases we drive bare steel, hot dipped galvanized pilings where permitted for long life. But we have experience working with a variety of piling materials including wood, steel and concrete.

There are various reasons a client may need pilings driven.  Whatever your reason, we are able to drive pilings using anyone of our portable, barge mounted, hammer system pile drivers.  Contact us to discuss your pile driving needs.